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4 Tips To Avoid Water Damage

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water damage restoration

Lets face it, no one wants to pay thousands of dollars for water damage repair that they didn't saw coming. But you can't avoid it once the damage is done. The only way to save your pockets is to stay alert, and take action before the damage gets severe.

 It's true, being alert won't help in in any major natural disasters like floods and storms. But it can save you in some less severe cases. So here are 4 tips to prevent water damage before it actually happens.

1. Keep an eye on the bill

The most practical thing you can do right now is to check your water bills. Look for any unusual bumps that you don't think should be there. Compare you recent bills with the average amount you pay. If anything looks wrong, it could be an indication that leaks are present in places you can't see. In the earliest situation, calling a water damage restore company could save you hundreds of dollars.

2. Don't use Chemicals to Unclog Drains

Clogs happen all the time. No matter how crazy you are about cleanliness. But when they happen, using chemicals to unclog them isn't really a great idea. The problem with using such chemicals is that their  corrosive properties not only remove the mess, but using them frequently can also damage your pipes. A better approach is to use a drain snake instead.

3. Be Careful with Trees

Trees and plants can be a refreshing and lively addition to any home. Which is why many homeowners have them. But some trees have roots that strong that they can grow up around water pipes and break them. So avoid planting trees near water pipe lines.

4. Get Water Detection Sensors

Other than depending on your own senses. You can also invest in water detection devices that would let you know of any water leakage. These devices work by detecting certain levels of moisture in the air, and can be your best bet in detecting small leakages. You can install these in toilets, near water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines etc.

Catching water damage in its initial stage is the best way to minimize costs associated with the repair. Which in other case can cost you anywhere from $1500-$2000.

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